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Wendy Barth is running for the Governor of Iowa on the Green Party ticket, along with running mate Richard Johnson candidate for Lt. Governor.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

ICCI candidates survey

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement sent me the following questionnaire. They requested that each answer be 50 words or less. Great for sound bites!


1. What is your position on air quality standards for Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) in Iowa?

People who live in the vicinity of a CAFO are actually getting sick from the air pollution. This is intolerable. Anyone who creates such a stink that it imperils the health of their neighbors must be stopped.


2. What is your position on counties having the ability to site CAFOs in Iowa?

Local control is the heart and essence of democracy. Anything else is un-American.


3. Where do you stand on public financing of political campaigns at a state-wide level?

Public financing would be a step in the right direction. A free public forum for candidates to present themselves, and strict limits on the amount of advertising that could be done outside of that forum, would be even more fair. How much junk mail did you toss, unread, in the last campaign?


4. What is your position on energy policy changes to accommodate renewable energy sources?

I am in favor of supporting renewable energy, to:

· end our dependence on foreign oil,

· promote local business,

· curtail pollution, and

· to meet the goals of the Kyoto treaty.


5. What is your plan to address illegal drug usage in Iowa, including meth issues in rural areas?

The “war on drugs” is the wrong approach, it is filling our prisons with nonviolent offenders that would be better served with rehab and parole. Controlling the raw materials used to create meth is working. An anti-meth education campaign could be effective.


6. Where do you stand on combating predatory mortgage lending in Iowa?

Where do these weasels come from, and what makes them think they can get away with those kind of shenanigans here, in Iowa? We’ve got to draw the line on unscrupulous lending practices.


7. What is your position on undocumented students having access to higher education in Iowa?

Iowa welcomes people from all over the planet to study in our institutions of higher learning. A diverse student body is an asset to our colleges and universities. Positions should be filled based on talent, not politics.


8. What is your position on payday loan centers and check cashing stores?

I favor reinstating Iowa’s usury laws limiting the annual percentage that can be charged for loans. Check cashing should be free – no one should have to pay for access to their own money. We need to protect the people who can least afford to be taken advantage of.


9. What is your position on increasing Iowans’ access to healthcare?

Health care is a right, not a privilege. I support a single-payer Medicare-for-all type of approach. Insurance is for mitigating risk, it is not suited to the task of promoting healthy lifestyles.


10. Where do you stand on limiting the amount of punitive damages rewarded for non-economic damages in civil lawsuits?

How do you impose a meaningful punishment on a corporation that can afford to pay its executives millions of dollars in salary? What will stop them from willfully damaging their customers? Why should they care?


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