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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Working Families Win House Party, P.S.

See my previous post for a description of the Working Families Win house party that I attended.
What strikes me, as I mull over the event, is the dedication these working class people have for capitalism. Their focus, their intent, their faith lies in finding jobs with decent wages. There was no talk of anarchy, no Marxist overtones, and I was the one who brought up socialized services, to not much enthusiasm. Even their call for health care asks for affordable quality health care, not a hand out.

Does the executive class realize how valuable that sentiment is? Their faith in capitalism is what drives the working class to seek employment. If people lose faith in capitalism, the willing work force evaporates. If people despair of finding employment, they will turn to other means to provide for themselves, and that certainly won't be directed toward making the rich richer (as factory jobs inherently are.) The harder it is for them to make ends meet, the more resentment they have for the uber-rich. The executive class needs to take note, and realize that there is a partnership of sorts between these two classes. Treat your workforce with dignity and living wages, and they will reward you with dedication, loyalty and hard work. As you chip away at that dignity and force wages ever lower in a race to the bottom, you will lose that loyalty. This is one cost that in the long run you cannot afford to externalize - the cost to support the public's faith in the capitalistic system. For that faith is the glue that holds the system together and makes it work.


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