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Friday, September 15, 2006

Are Peace Activists Demoralizing the Troops?

Chuck Grassley maintains that peace activists who protest the Iraq war are demoralizing the troops. If the troops feel demoralized, I can understand it.
It can be demoralizing to discover that you were sent on a fool's errand, looking for weapons of mass destruction that did not exist.
It can be demoralizing, serving your fifth consecutive tour of duty, with no end in sight.
It can be demoralizing, knowing that when you do get home, it may take 6 months to get to see a doctor at the VA clinic.
But don't blame the messenger. Peace activists did not concoct the lie of WMD. Peace activists did not plan this war, if anyone did. Peace activists did not cut the funding to the Veteran's Administration.

Let's put the blame where it really lies. Who is responsible for demoralizing the troops? Those who advocate for endless war without a clear goal or mission. Those who miscalculated the ease of winning. Those who have no other solution but more bloodshed. They are demoralizing not only the troops, but the population at home as well. We used to be loved, now we are despised. As long as they hate us, there will be terrorism. I'm not sure if America can regain the international respect that we once had, but the only way to win the war on terror is to regain that respect.


At 8:47 PM, Blogger Charles in Pella said...

Great perspective! The real demoralization of our armed forces, as well as that of our people at home, is not those who are demanding the resolution of this tragic fiasco, but those who have created it. This administration, and their accomplices in the Congress (members of both parties), must be held accountable, but the corporate news media will not betray their corrupt allies in power. Peace activists are the best friends that members of our armed forces have today.


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