Wendy for Governor Campaign

Wendy Barth is running for the Governor of Iowa on the Green Party ticket, along with running mate Richard Johnson candidate for Lt. Governor.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Meet my staff

The Greenest of the Green candidates strikes again. When the Channel 2 reporter asked how many people I had on my staff, he didn'’t say "paid staff"”. The volunteer staff of the Barth for Governor Campaign are:

  • Campaign Manager: Sue
  • Asst. Campaign Manager: Joe
  • Co-Campaign Managers of Winneshiek County: Uncle Kenny and Uncle Gordy
  • Treasurer: Holly
  • Petition Coordinator and editor: Daryl
  • Editor: Gail
  • Button Maker: Ted
  • Media: Rick
  • Events: Bob, Florence
  • Newsletter: Kerri
  • Advice: Kelley
  • Personal Assistant: Tom

With Cameo Appearances by:

  • Karen :– Campaign training
  • Jerry :– Agriculture Issues
  • Patrick :– Fairfield Event Coordinator
  • Keith –: Sioux City Event Coordinator
  • Jim and John : Waterloo/Cedar Falls Event Coordinator
  • Laila –: Cedar Rapids Event Coordinator
  • Rick : Burlington Event Coordinator

Gail and Daryl might prefer the title "“Writer"” but so far I'’ve been writing my own speeches, web-site and brochure content, with their wise council and editing.

All the staff has shown the kind of devotion that you just can'’t buy, and I am grateful, thank you all.

The Barth Campaign has paid the following people (although I don'’t think of them as staff)

Illusions Fine Portraiture Ann, the "“head shot"” gets a lot of compliments, thanks for the great work.

Idezin Digital Workgroup – Blair, the brochure and logo get a lot of compliments too.– Thanks for the great work.

Speed Print Eric, printing is one of those things that if it is done right, nobody notices, but if not, everyone gripes. No one has made any comments on the printing, which means your work is excellent, thanks for the great work.


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