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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Report from the IRENEW Energy Expo

We spent the weekend at the IRENEW Energy Expo in Solon. Although the weather was overcast and rainy, there was still a great turn-out. I talked to a lot of people, gave away a lot of campaign buttons and brochures, shook a lot of hands, went to a few talks.

I hear that, although net metering is the law in Iowa, some of the REC are not honoring their responsibility to pay the private owners of wind turbines for the electricity they are generating and putting on the grid. This is very disappointing. They better get this straightened out before I become governor, or they will wish they had!

I saw several rigs for sale to brew your own biodiesel fuel. If you collect used cooking oil for free from restaurants, I hear that you can make your own fuel for about 70 cents a gallon, and make enough to share with your neighbors as well.

I heard about a rig to brew your own ethanol from sorghum. The process is called sorganol. The yield per acre is somewhere between 500 and 1000 gallons of ethanol per acre, so the man says. And it's decentralized, so the little guy has a chance at making some profit.

I was shown a chart that showed more than double the yield (gallons per acre) for biodiesel when made from sunflower oil rather than soybean oil. Sunflower oil is easier and cleaner to get out of the plant, so the man says.

Makes you wonder what it will take to change people's attitude to get out of the corn and soybeans mindset.


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