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Friday, October 06, 2006

Cedar Rapids Water Pollution

The Cedar Rapids Wastewater Treatment Plant is requesting permission to increase the amount of pollution it dumps into the Cedar River. The proposed permit would allow substantial increases in permit limits without complying with anti-degradation or anti-backsliding requirements of the Clean Water Act. These increases are proposed without explanation as to why they are necessary or whether alternatives are available. The proposed effluent limits would allow the City of Cedar Rapids to legally discharge concentrations of ammonia over twenty-five times greater than normally contained in untreated domestic sewage and the proposed daily cyanide discharge limit is nearly four times greater than the amount allowed in the previous permit. Increased pollution discharge limits are especially objectionable because the Cedar River is considered an impaired waterway downstream from the Cedar Rapids facility. See http://www.votewendy.org/CedarRapidsWastewater.doc for more details.

A hearing on this proposal is scheduled for 7:00 pm on Thursday October 19th at the Cedar Rapids City Hall, 50 Second Avenue Bridge, in the 4th floor Council Chambers.

Please join me there.


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