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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Paperless Voting


October 27, 2006

CEDAR RAPIDS - Iowa Green Party gubernatorial candidate Wendy Barth
offered a response to comments from Linn County Auditor Linda
Langenberg. In a recent news article Langenberg referred to those who
raise concerns about the accuracy of electronic voting machines as

"As a career software engineer, I understand just how easily errors in
programming code can be overlooked," Barth responded, "and how difficult
it can be to thoroughly test a piece of software this complex. In
addition, it has been demonstrated by several testing groups that these
machines can be compromised rather easily. Given this the concerns of
the public are legitimate, and are deserving of consideration by the
Auditor. I understand that Ms. Langenberg feels she deserves to be
trusted, but the voting public deserve more reassurance than a simple
'trust me.’”'

Barth's running mate, Richard Johnson, added, "Having spent the last
fifteen years of my career as a network engineer I can assure you that
the risk of intrusion into these computers is real. There are
documented instances where the computers controlling these voting
machines have not only been "hacked," to use the popular term, but where
results have been changed without the operators being able to detect it.
I cannot understand someone dismissing these threats so lightly."

Recent testing by Princeton University
(http://itpolicy.princeton.edu/voting) has demonstrated how vulnerable
these computers are, and how easily intrusion into these computers can
be hidden. There have also been numerous reports of errors from these
voting machines reported in Ohio, Florida, and Georgia. A number of
states and counties are requiring that the machines have a verifiable
paper trail that includes a receipt for the voter and a printed
verification report.

At a meeting of supporters in Cedar Rapids earlier today, Barth
announced, "Our campaign is calling for an independent audit of the code
used to program these machines by qualified software engineers, as well
as a real paper trail with receipt that can be verified by the voter as
they cast their ballot. Every electronic cash register in the state
prints receipts, so why not our voting machines? It is inexcusable that
the gambling equipment in our casinos, which must pass regular
independent inspection, is subjected to a higher level of scrutiny than
our voting machines."

For more information on the voting machine problems here in Iowa and
throughout the nation go to the following websites:

VoteTrust USA - http://www.votetrustusa.org/
Iowa Voters for Open and Transparent Elections - http://www.iowavoters.org/
Iowans for Voting Integrity - http://iowansforvotingintegrity.org

For more information or further comments on the issue:

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Wendy Barth, IAGP Candidate for Governor
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